There’s no doubt that growing marijuana is a smelly business. The strong odor of cannabis can often put people off growing it at home, or worse still draw unwanted attention to your grow. There are plenty of ways to reduce the smell, such as using a good quality carbon filter and making the grow room airtight, however the simplest solution is right under your nose, excuse the pun! Grow a low smelling cannabis strain. Here is our list of the top five lowest odor marijuana strains that you can buy online.

1. Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights is one of the most well-known marijuana strains in the world, both Northern Lights and Northern Lights Auto are low-smelling, however, the auto-flowering version is more so. This strain is was bred to be low-smelling specifically that it can be grown easily indoors. Further to this Northern Lights Auto flowers quickly and is mold resistant making it an ideal strain for indoor stealth grows.

Northern Lights Autoflower is a short squat plant and will reach around 60 – 100cm in height, ideal for any small tent or cupboard grows. The plant is Indica dominant and tends to produce around 10-15% THC with an average yield of 250 – 300g/m2.

Thanks to the hardy ruderalis genetics Northern Lights Autoflower is a great strain to be grown in colder climates. So, if you want to grow marijuana outdoors in your garden at the end of summer, Northern Lights Auto is the ideal strain, not only is it low smelling, it is also is short, low maintenance, and hardy too.

2. Jack Herer

Named after the famous cannabis activist, Jack Herer is a 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid cross of Northern Lights, Skunk #1, and Haze. The plant is relatively low smelling but will grow to around 180cm in height and yield around 500 – 600g/m2, so it may be too large for some smaller indoor stealth grows.

Rather than the typical skunky smell that most marijuana plants give off, Jack Herer tends to have more of a mild fruity odor that can be easily dealt with by a decent carbon filter.

3. Auto Duck

Auto Duck is a strain that is produced by Dutch Passion seed company by crossing Frisian Duck and White Widow Auto. Although Auto Duck is not the lowest smelling strain on our list, we just had to include it because has been specifically bred to be a stealth strain.

Its parent strain Frisian Duck gets its name from the unique duck foot-shaped fan leaves that it produces, this makes the plant look entirely different to most other cannabis plants, which is what makes it ideal for outdoor stealth grow. Auto Duck carries these genetics too and combined with the robustness of White Widow creates a powerful low smelling auto that can be hidden easily among your other garden plants.

How do I smell proof my indoor grow?

Even low-smelling strains such as Northern Lights Auto smell somewhat, so now that you have chosen the ideal low-smelling stealth strain to grow with, you should also consider other ways in which you can smell proof your grow.

  1. Use a good carbon filter and an extraction fan.
  2. Make sure your extraction exhaust leads outside but is not near to anybody else’s windows or doors.
  3. Make the rest of your grow room as airtight as possible so the smell doesn’t leak out into the rest of the house. Always keep the door shut, and if possible, use rubber draught excluders under the grow room door to create a more airtight seal.
  4. Use ONA gel throughout your house to get rid of the smell. However, DO NOT use this gel inside your grow room or tent as it can affect the taste of your plants, even if they do not come into contact with each other.
  5. Use cooler less energy intensive LED grow lights. You can still produce as much bud with a high-quality LED light, but they use way less energy and this allows you to regulate your grow room temperature and humidity much more easily, which can reduce the smell produce by your plants.

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