Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan is a new boutique grab & go cannabis company. Treehouse 603 opened its E. William St. doors in November 2020 and has been the talk of the town ever since. Following the passing of the MTRM Act of 2018, which legalized recreational marijuana for the state of Michigan, Treehouse 603 followed the market to a mixture of medicinal and recreational users.

Currently, Treehouse 603 offers a wide array of recreational bud and medical usages. They want to focus on the medicinal side of marijuana because of the variety of options the shop sells. Twenty-two flower options, 27 edibles, 27 vapes, 16 pre-rolls, 11 topicals, eight tinctures, and seven extracts are all available in-store and through the online interface. The current flower options are split down the middle between indica and sativa, and the company also offers a handful of hybrids.

The edibles come in gummy form, but are also offered as mints, caramels, and chocolate bars. Each of the three caramel options has near-perfect reviews and comes in flavors such as dulce de leche, peanut butter, and sea salt caramel.

On the recreational side, Treehouse 603 has 40 varieties of soft chews, gummies, mints, chocolate bars, and a fudge collaboration cultivated through a partnership with the Detroit Fudge Company. The Treehouse 603 staff lauds the recreational edibles like the hybrid chocolate bar from Kiva Confections and the soft chews and gummies from Choice and Wana as “must-haves” for those wanting a milder experience with a sweet treat.

The majority of the vapes sold are hybrid strains, but Treehouse 603 also utilizes Green Lotus’ CBD cartridges to help consumers either unwind and channel tranquility or, conversely, stay alert. The same can be said about the pre-roll offerings. The company’s own line of pre-rolls includes strains like Gorilla Grease, Jedi Kush, Gelato #33, and White Cookies.

Mary’s Medicinals offers CBD topicals including salves, balms, creams and body butters, transdermal patches, and muscle freeze roll-on dispensers. For those wanting a consumable option, Treehouse 603 has rounded up the best breath sprays and droppers that full-spectrum brands have to offer. Well-respected brands like Mary’s Medicinals and Urban Roots have entire collections of products for sale in Ann Arbor.

This location is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and then Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For those unable to get there, delivery options are available. When delivery mode is selected, a $5 delivery fee is credited to the consumer’s account on all deliveries over $50, but a free gift is included with the first delivery. Delivery services cut off half an hour prior to the storefront closing each day.

For frequenters of Treehouse 603, signing up for the Loyalty and Rewards Program can serve to be effective. Customers earn one point per dollar spent at the Ann Arbor location and points can be redeemed for special products, branded items, and seasonal releases. In addition, the points earned never expire.

For Ann Arbor residents, and even weary travelers, a stop at Treehouse 603 is sure to relax the body.

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