Legalizing cannabis for its medical and recreational uses in most states in the US has brought substantial changes in the way people perceived the consumption of cannabis. Though joints have existed for ages, the use of vaporizers, on the other hand, is the future. Vaporizers, especially the Niiceone Vaporizer, comes with unique features and also very easy to use.

Niiceone Vaporizer

In an industry where different vaping tools and devices come in different shapes, sizes, and uses, the Niiceone Vaporizer as a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer is still treasured and preferred by its users. The bodywork of this device is sleek, sandwiched with high-tech trappings like an accessible LED touch screen. This touch screen is for temperature control to give its users a vaping experience like no other and without the fear of compromising its compact size.

Thanks to its medical-grade Ceramic and Stainless Steel dual-oven, the Niiceone Vaporizer can now hold up to 0.5g of product. All of which is made possible by its unique and dynamic heating technology sandwiched with one of the most customizable temperature collections on the market. Amongst other things, the device comes with optimized flavor and guaranteed vapor quality.

Users of the Niiceone Vaporizer

The Niiceone Vaporizer is ideal for intermediate vapers, notably those wishing to broaden their horizons with improved and tailored technological innovations. This device is a perfect pick for persons wanting to get their first vaporizer or get the best of both worlds with a dual-oven and dry herb/concentrate compatibility. Despite being priced at less than $100, this high-end vaporizer ticks all boxes when it comes to

  • Industry approval
  • Tried and tested materials
  • Safety
  • And reliability

What Comes In A Pack Of Niiceone Vaporizer

A complete pack of the Niiceone Vaporizer comes with the following

  • 1 x niiceOne vaporizer
  • 2 x mouthpiece (one flat, one raised)
  • 1 x mouthpiece for concentrates
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 1 x cleaning knife
  • 5 x pipe cleaner
  • 1 x user manual

The Uniqueness of the Niiceone Vaporizer

The uniqueness of this vaporizer is evident for all to see, all of which makes it adored and treasured by most CBD users and enthusiasts alike. Enclosed below are some characteristics that set the Niiceone Vaporizer miles apart from the lots in the market.

  • Zero to Vape in just 20 Seconds

Like a Bugatti Veyron, which hits 0-100km/h in just 2.46 seconds, so too does the Niiceone Vaporizer hits maximum temperature within 60 seconds. All of which is made possible by its 2680 mAh Li-Ion battery and the device still emits vapor at just 15 seconds from start-up.

  • Outstanding Flavor

The creators of the Niiceone Vaporizer had one thing in mind “ease of airflow.” The vapor emitted from the device has a smooth path from the oven to the tip of the ergonomically designed mouthpiece. Which certainly makes for effortless pulls and billowing clouds.

  • Easy to Use

Every feature associated with the Niiceone Vaporizer can be manipulated with just a single button sandwiched sensitive touch-screen. Furthermore, the touch screen on the device comes with LED backlights to ease vaping even at night.

Final Note

Therefore, should you need a vaporizer like no other, then the Niiceone Vaporizer is just what you need to catapult your vaping experience to heights unimaginable. All you need is to reach out to any decent online vape store or visit

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