If you’re looking for cannabis seeds online, your best bet is to buy from a reputable seed bank. These businesses have been in business for years and are well-known within their industries. However, not all seed banks are created equal: Some sell low-quality products at inflated prices or simply disappear with your money. To avoid falling victim to an unscrupulous seed bank, follow our four steps below!

There are an increasing number of high-quality seed banks that sell their products online, but that doesn’t mean you can shop on any old website. Some of them will take your money and run. Learn how to use a seed bank in Canada or the U.S. with confidence:

  • Buyer’s Tip: The internet is full of information about all kinds of things, including cannabis seeds. Search online to find out more about which companies have great reputations and what they offer, including shipping options and prices (shipping costs can vary dramatically among different online shops). Keep in mind that some seed banks offer free shipping with orders over $100 or something similar; others charge quite a bit for delivery fees. Read reviews from other customers who’ve used these businesses before so you know what to expect from them—and whether those expectations were met!

Step 1: Research Your Seed Bank’s Reputation

Before you buy cannabis seeds, it’s important to do your research. Reviewing the reputation of the seed bank itself is an excellent way to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable company. Look for reviews that detail:

  • The quality of their products
  • Customer service response time and accuracy
  • Shipping process
  • Security measures

Step 2: Compare Prices

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds online, you need to keep in mind that price is not the only factor to consider. Comparing prices on different websites will help you find the best value for your money. Doing so will also give you an idea of how much each seed bank charges for their products and how their pricing compares against other seed banks’ rates for similar strains and products.

While comparing prices can be helpful, remember that there are many other factors that determine the cost of cannabis seeds: availability, strain popularity, quality control measures used by growers and seed banks alike (such as lab testing), etc. To ensure that you get a high-quality product at a fair price point, we recommend looking at reviews from previous customers before making purchases from any one company or brand

Step 3: Consider Shipping Options

There are two main shipping options for purchasing your cannabis seeds:

  • Priority Mail – Most vendors offer this option, but not all. With priority mail, your order will likely arrive within 3-7 business days. The downside is that you may have to pay extra for this service depending on where you live.
  • Express Mail – If you need to receive your package sooner and don’t mind paying a premium, express mail can be a great option if available at checkout. This can get your seeds from us to you in as little as 2-3 business days depending on where you live; however, not all vendors offer this service so check with them before ordering!

Step 4: Understand the Legalities

  • Understand the legalities

Cannabis seeds are a controlled substance in most countries, and you need to be aware of that before purchasing them online. In Canada, for example, buying cannabis seeds is illegal unless you have a medical license from a doctor or other health professional who can prescribe it for you (and even then there are only specific strains and quantities allowed). The United States has some of the strictest laws on cannabis seed purchases: only those living in states with legalized recreational marijuana can purchase them at all—even if they’re from another state where it’s legal!

In other countries like Australia and the UK, there are no laws against purchasing or possessing cannabis seeds; however, they may still be considered “drug paraphernalia” under certain circumstances (for example if they’re shipped through a courier service).

Make sure you know what you’re buying before you buy it.

Before you buy, be sure you’re buying from a reputable seed bank (if there’s no way to try out any strains first). You can check their reputation by looking for reviews online. It’s also important to compare prices because cannabis seeds vary widely in price depending on the strain, quality, and quantity of seeds.

You’ll also want to understand the legalities surrounding purchasing cannabis seeds online. In some countries, this is completely illegal and punishable by law; however, in other countries, it may be possible with certain restrictions or limitations that you should know about before committing yourself to make an order or even visiting the site during your research phase.


If you’re shopping for cannabis seeds in Canada or the U.S., it’s important to do your research. It’s easy to get taken advantage of when you don’t know what you’re buying, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Learn how to use a seed bank in Canada or the U.S. with confidence

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