It’s 5pm on a Friday afternoon, and you head out of the office on a quest for relaxation. Work felt utterly impossible this week, but you made it through and to the prime time of the week; the weekend! You’re on your way home, fighting traffic, and all you can think about is a calming smoke session when you get home. This is an experience that many people in the working world have, and it will probably continue just the same way until the end of time.

Drop your worries at the door and get ready to absorb a few tips that will make your next smoking experience top-notch! This blog post will lay out a few tips that will give you super primo blunts that the cannabis gods will praise you for, so let’s dive right in.

  1. Use an excellent rolling tray – This is the foundation of getting your weed sorted and not wasting a single fiber of your hard-earned cannabis. Make sure you have a rolling tray that is not only sturdy, but one with the edges flared up high enough so that your weed doesn’t fall off the edges. 

  2. Grind properly – Some people like to take their nuggets and break them apart by hand, and that’s fine in a pinch. However, if you want to achieve the best burn and the best draws from your blunt, you want to make sure to use a grinder that will evenly parse out your cannabis for a proper, even burn.

  3. Use a premium paper or wrap – Next on the list is to get wraps that are worth a darn. Toss the regular blunt wrappers in the trash because they are laced with lots of harmful chemicals that are toxic to the body. Make sure to use organic hemp wraps that are better for you both in terms of taste and for your health. These can be an absolute game-changer as these wraps often come flavored, so you can enhance the enjoyment of your smoke just by utilizing high-quality wraps.

  4. Don’t roll and pack the blunt too tight – A blunt packed too tightly is no bueno. The reason is if your cannabis is rolled too tightly, there will not be enough oxygen between the weed particulates to allow a proper burn. Your blunt will burn out quickly, which means you’ll have to keep relighting it to keep it going. The extra lighting can create some harshness to the smoke, so avoid packing in too much weed in your blunt.

  5. Don’t roll the filter too tight – Just like the point above, having the filter too tight will create a “tough to pull” experience with your blunt. You need it tight enough to keep the structure of the blunt in place and keep the weed on the tip side of the filter. Rolling it too tight will make it very difficult to take in those delicious hits of green goodness.


Rolling the perfect blunt is a skill that is acquired over time. However, with a little bit of practice, you can be rolling perfect ones in no time. 

Have you perfected the art of rolling the perfect blunt? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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