One of the crucial necessities for having good weed plants is quality seeds. Yes, there are other factors like proper water, nutrients, light quality that influence the yield capability of your plant. Yet it all begins with the genetics of the seeds.

To guarantee this, you must source top-quality marijuana seeds. But, how can you tell that seed is good quality? There are a few variables to be analyzed and assessed if you want to buy cannabis seeds, signs that plainly demonstrate whether the seed will become a healthy crop or are just duds. Keep reading to learn more about these variables.

Feel and Appearance

Getting acquainted with the seed’s appearance and texture is critical to the quality of the crop at the end of a growing season. Every seed differs in appearance; the size, shape, and shade, but the feel and shade aid your selection. This is possibly the most unambiguous indication that you have good seeds on your hands.

Sound seeds tend to have a more obscure shade with dim or dark shades and a rare showcase of tiger stripes, and when put under light, they will look like their shells are wax coated.

Notwithstanding a darker shade, mature/ better-quality pot seeds are substantial and don’t twist or break when pressed between your fingers. Then again, immature weed seeds break and disintegrate under that kind of tension. They are green in color and have a delicate outer shell.

Packaging and storing of the seeds can likewise influence their appearance. Change in temperature, humidity, or light exposure can make a few seeds darker or lighter but without impact on their quality.

Regardless of whether the seeds are in fact a similar strain, they will have different attributes. Try not to allow these distinctions to trick you into feeling that a more extensive, rounder, and darker seed (for instance) is of preferable quality over a lighter, more modest, and oval-molded one.

Also, please don’t squander your energy on seeds over the hill; in other words, overstayed, they are not fit for use.

Can You Tell the Sex of Cannabis Seeds from Their Appearance?

Customers and rookies alike ask this question. It is impossible to tell the sex of a marijuana seed just by checking it out. The best way to tell a female weed plant from a male is by observing its flowers when it starts to breed. So, no single characteristic of a seed can let you know that it contains genes of male or female plants. Of course, various web searches will tell you otherwise, like the distinct features telling apart the males and females, but it is not valid on all levels. Don’t fall prey to these schemes.

Growing Seeds from A Bag

You might consider yourself fortunate to discover a few cannabis seeds in your marijuana pack. In any case, these seeds are not great for various reasons. Right off the bat, this means that the grower has screwed up and permitted an invading male to fertilize the female plants.

When pollinated, the female plants shift their energy towards creating seeds and quit delivering THC-containing sap. The seeds likewise add to the sack’s general weight, implying less weed for your cash.

You will be lucky if the strain you plant is top-quality. In this case, you should test them to see if they are viable to germinate.

Germinating All Your Seeds Regardless

Probably the most effective way to assess the genetic potential of pot seeds is to place them in the dirt. You will see the outcome inside an exceptionally brief time frame. As a home grower, you can jump at this venture if you have the time and space, which is not the same for commercial growers for the lack of time to invest.

Source Your Seeds Well

Without a doubt, the best way to obtain first-class seeds is to dig out a reputable seed bank. These companies esteem their breeding skills and ensure that their clients get what is advertised, and delivering anything less will pull down their brand.

Another option in contrast to this gamble is purchasing from a hobbyist. It is not that they cannot create some good genetics, but you don’t have the assurance that the seeds you buy from will sprout.

Float Test

If you are not satisfied with the analysis of the appearance and resilience of your seeds and are a little unsure about seed quality, do a float test. Fill up a glass container or drinking glass with water and place the seeds on the surface. It is a straightforward test with two possible outcomes.

This is an essential and savvy strategy of distinguishing the top-shelf genetics from the bad; seeds drifting on the water surface will probably be of low quality and will be disposed of while good quality cannabis seeds will sink to the base.

Nonetheless, be patient as the results may not visible right away. You’ll need to hang tight for around 1-2 hours before affirming the outcomes. A few decent-quality seeds will need to retain a sufficient amount of water to sink. Utilize this chance to water the nursery and finally finish some essential pruning.

If the seeds still float after this extended test, they are not viable to plant. However, for those that sunk – kudos to you and if you plan on planting them immediately afterward. This will cross the membrane of the seed, signaling that now is the right time to wake up enacting germination.

Cannabis Seed Quality – The Bottom Line

Whether you want to grow weed for home use or offer it to other people, you should always have crème de la crème seeds. That relies on whether or not you utilize the tips above to check the quality of the seeds you purchase.

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