Legalize it!

Let’s start with the good news. In just the last few days, we’ve made HUGE progress in our fight to end prohibition. Since April 1st:

  • In Congress, the majority of the House of Representatives voted to approve the MORE Act, which repeals the federal prohibition of cannabis.
  • New Mexico became the latest state to launch adult-use marijuana sales; in just a matter of days, retailers sold over $3 million in cannabis products – blowing away initial projections.
  • Maryland lawmakers approved a referendum measure placing marijuana legalization before voters this November; statewide polling shows that over 60 percent of voters approve of the measure.
  • New national polling data was released showing a whopping 70% of all Americans want to legalize marijuana…including 83% of Democrats, 70% of Independents, and 58% of Republicans.

Never has it been more apparent that the will of the American people is on our side.

UNFORTUNATELY, OUR OPPONENTS HAVE NOTICED! Last week, a new Super PAC was launched with the sole purpose of halting our progress. This shadowy dark money group has committed to spending well into the six figures on efforts to target and take out elected officials who support legalization. No doubt this group will also be spending big this fall to try and defeat legalization ballot measures across the country. We need to be able to answer their attacks head-on.

As a Super PAC, this group can raise unlimited amounts of money from any single individual and it is in no way required to publicly provide information regarding who is funding its efforts. Nevertheless, I think we all can make a few guesses about which vested interests are out there trying to slow down the march to legalization. With six figures already in the bank and without a doubt much more to come, we need to show the world that special interests and big corporations can’t defeat what we have on our side: true people power.

Now that you know what we are up against, can you chip in $20 today to make sure we can maintain our momentum and beat back these shadowy special interests? Any help you can provide ensures that we can put up more victories for liberty and justice.


These faceless donors and groups think they can hide in their shady backrooms and take down what we’ve built over decades. Show them that they can not. Help us beat back these dark forces so that we can continue to successfully spread the message of legalization far and wide.

Thanks for your ongoing support, now let’s go win this thing.

Erik Altieri
NORML Executive Director

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