Whether you are a cannabis enthusiast or a grower, buying cannabis seeds online is becoming popular as more and more countries legalize marijuana and hemp products. The unfortunate bit is that the online seed market is filled with fraud and deceit, and you could find yourself out of pocket and without any seeds and no way to get your money back. This blog will hopefully take the confusion out of buying cannabis seeds online.

What are the main benefits of buying cannabis seeds online?

As more states legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes, the sale of cannabis seeds is also increasing. People are now buying cannabis seeds online in order to grow their own marijuana for medical use. The main benefit is that you can choose from a wide array of sources from various markets and cultivate the ones that grow the best for your specific needs and growing conditions. Buying them online is typically discreet, and you also can look for reviews from the seed supplier before purchasing. 

How to buy cannabis seeds online

Buying cannabis seeds online is much easier than it used to be, but there are still some pitfalls people should be aware of. This section of the post will take you through buying cannabis seeds online, look at what you should be mindful of, and compare the different methods of buying cannabis seeds to find which ones work best.

Although cannabis is considered an illegal drug in some states, it is still available for purchase through several states’ licensed dispensaries. While the legality of growing your own cannabis may vary depending on where you live, purchasing seeds online can be one way to try cultivating your own to experience the wonderfully different effects of each strain.

If you are thinking about growing marijuana for your own medical purposes, it is a good idea to understand as much as you can about the strains that interest you. In doing so, you will likely come across growers who often write up “grow journals.” These are essentially online records detailing their experiences from start to finish with a particular strain or group of strains they cared for and monitored during a period of time. Reading these is a great way to get an idea of how a specific strain grew accurately and what results were yielded in terms of flavor/smell and potency – something that will really appeal to someone interested in medicating with marijuana.

What are the advantages of buying “regular” cannabis seeds instead of feminized ones?

Feminized cannabis seeds have been on the market for many years, and many people swear by them. But for some, regular cannabis seeds are better, and here is why. 

Regular seeds have not been back-crossed, meaning they’re not inbred or as susceptible to genetic disorders as other types. You’ll want to remove male plants from your garden because they won’t produce flowers and buds but instead release pollen which can ruin your harvest by pollinating any females near them! Some people buy cannabis seeds from Sticky Seeds, which has a wide variety of seeds for every type of buyer.


Buying cannabis seeds online is an excellent option for people who want to grow their own weed and save money.

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