Hey there weed lovers! If you’re like many people, you love the benefits of weed but don’t necessarily enjoy smoking it. Well, don’t worry because there are plenty of alternative ways to enjoy all the good stuff that marijuana has to offer. In this article, we’ll go over six different methods you can try to get your fix without lighting up.

  1. Edibles – Yum! Edibles are the perfect way to enjoy weed if you love tasty treats. Whether it’s sweet treats like brownies or gummies or savory options like pizza or mac and cheese infused with THC, there’s an edible out there for everyone. The best part? Edibles offer a discreet and convenient way to consume THC, and the effects tend to be stronger and last longer than other methods. Just keep in mind that the effects can take up to two hours to kick in fully.
  2. Tinctures – Quick and easy Tinctures are liquid forms of THC that you take by placing a few drops under your tongue. They’re fast-acting and convenient, perfect for those who need a quick and discreet dose. The effects tend to be milder than other methods, making them great for those new to consuming weed or for those who prefer a more subtle high.
  3. Topicals – Good for your skin Topicals are creams, lotions, and balms infused with THC and other cannabis compounds that you apply directly to your skin. They’re absorbed through your pores and are great for localized pain relief and skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Plus, they won’t get you high so that you can enjoy the benefits without any unwanted side effects.
  4. THC Infused Beverages – Sip, sip, hooray! THC-infused beverages or THC seltzer drinks are a newer addition to the world of weed consumption, and they’re a blast! With a variety of flavors and strengths, they offer a convenient and discreet way to enjoy weed. Like edibles, the onset time for THC-infused beverages is typically longer, but they also offer a longer-lasting high. So go ahead, mix things up, and try something new! Remember to drink in moderation, as the effects can be stronger than expected.
  5. Suppositories – Fast and discreet Suppositories are small, solid pieces of THC that you insert into your rectum for quick and discreet dosing. They offer a direct path to the bloodstream and are an excellent option for those who have trouble absorbing THC through their digestive system.
  6. Vaporizers – A step up from smoking Vaporizers heat up weed to release the THC, but instead of smoke, you inhale the vapor. This makes for a smoother and healthier option compared to smoking. Plus, there are now portable vaporizers that you can take on the go, making it easier to enjoy weed whenever and wherever you like.

So there you have six alternative methods to enjoy weed without smoking it. Whether you prefer edibles, tinctures, topicals, THC-infused beverages, suppositories, or vaporizers, there’s a method out there for everyone. So go ahead, try something new, and enjoy all the good stuff that marijuana has to offer!

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