The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and becoming more mainstream. As a result, brands are emerging in this space to help consumers navigate everything from which types of weed they want to consume to how they feel about legalization. With so many cannabis advocacy brands popping up all over the internet, it can be hard for a consumer to know who to trust or what companies are credible.

This article will help you understand why creating and promoting a brand is so important for advocacy groups within the cannabis industry and why building your own brand can accelerate your success as an advocate!

Creating a Marketing Tipping Point

The key thing to remember is that a marketing tipping point is something you can create. It’s not an accident or something that happens by itself. You need to do the work. The good news is that there are many ways you can use branding to change the world, including how we think about cannabis and how it’s regulated. Here are some examples:

  • Use your brand to advocate for legalization
  • Create products that speak directly to your values and beliefs (this doesn’t have to be cannabis)

The power of brands in accelerating consumer sentiment

It’s not enough for you to create a brand that looks good and represents your values. You also need to make sure it has the power to tell a story and help consumers understand why they should care about cannabis advocacy.

A brand is just something people associate with you, but it can also be used as a vehicle for delivering messages or ideas. Think of logos like Nike or Coca-Cola—they don’t just represent companies, they convey values and evoke an emotional response in their consumers.

One brand that has recently taken a stance on combatting the notion of “Refer Madness” is Deven Darnel. The brand focuses on the research and history behind cannabis and acknowledges the healing properties of the demonized herb.

Brands are becoming increasingly powerful in setting the tone for consumer sentiment and using that to influence policy. This is especially true of cannabis advocacy brands.

Branding is all about creating positive emotional connections between people and products. It’s about making sure that every time someone sees your logo (or hears your name), they feel good about what it stands for. And when people feel good about what you represent, then success will follow!

As the cannabis industry grows, so do the opportunities for brands to make a significant impact on consumer sentiment. To build on that momentum and accelerate consumer acceptance, cannabis advocacy brands are going to have to be credible and take an active role in shaping public opinion.

A credible brand can create a marketing tipping point by building off of existing messaging and establishing itself as an authority in its field. In addition, it can help shift the conversation toward one more open-minded legalization and regulation of marijuana products.


We hope this article has given you some insight into why brands are so important in the cannabis advocacy space and how they can help shape policy. As we move forward, we’ll be keeping a close eye on these brands and their efforts to change the conversation around cannabis legalization in America.

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