CA safe drug consumption site bill to gov; Feds want cannabinoid & terpene studies; Govs’ marijuana DUI prevention recs; Poll: MO legalization support

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Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said he’s open to passing marijuana banking legislation as long as there’s some relief for people with past cannabis convictions attached.

  • “I’m a compromise guy. New Jersey sent me down here to get things done—not to make stands where I make good points but don’t pass bills.”

California lawmakers sent Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) a bill to legalize safe consumption sites for illegal drugs.

Several National Institutes of Health component agencies published a notice saying they’re interested in funding research on the therapeutic benefits of minor cannabinoids and terpenes in marijuana.

The Governors Highway Safety Association issued a report recommending that in order to effectively dissuade marijuana-impaired driving, state officials should avoid stereotyping cannabis consumers and should feature “trusted” messengers like budtenders instead of government officials.

A new poll found that Missouri voters support legalizing marijuana, 62%-26%. The strong backing comes as activists hope a final secretary of state analysis of signatures will reverse county reviews indicating that they didn’t collect enough to qualify a reform initiative for the November ballot.


Former President Donald Trump criticized a proposed prisoner swap with Russia involving American basketball player Brittney Griner, who pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis vapes, and an arms trafficker.

The National Cancer Institute tweeted, “Recreational and medicinal cannabis use has changed dramatically over the past decade; yet research examining the risks and benefits of cannabis use has lagged behind the media promotion and their use by the general public and cancer patients.”


Pennsylvania’s second lady is helping to bring attention to the case of an American detained in Russia for medical cannabis.

Arkansas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Jones spoke about using legal marijuana revenue to support education.

Massachusetts lawmakers sent Gov. Charlie Baker (R) a bill revising marijuana business rules, providing funding for equity assistance and authorizing a pilot program for cannabis cafes.

The North Carolina House of Representatives reportedly may take up a Senate-passed medical cannabis bill after the November elections.

A California senator spoke about his psychedelics decriminalization bill. Separately, regulators made appointments to the Cannabis Advisory Committee.

Connecticut regulators filed rules on sale or change of ownership or control of marijuana social equity businesses.

Utah regulators filed updated rules on medical cannabis administrative hearing procedures.

Washington State regulators released guidance on accurate reporting of cannabis taxes.

Maryland regulators cut fees to renew medical cannabis patient ID cards and made them valid for six years instead of three.

Michigan regulators are conducting a survey about marijuana business licensing.

Iowa regulators published a report on the medical cannabidiol program.

Oregon’s Task Force on Cannabis-Derived Intoxicants and Illegal Cannabis Production will meet on Tuesday.

Vermont regulators will consider recommendations for marijuana business social equity status and full licensure on Wednesday.

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The Killeen, Texas City Council is expected to consider a special election on a marijuana decriminalization initiative on Tuesday.

Several Rhode Island municipalities are set to vote on local November ballot measures on whether to allow marijuana businesses to operate.

Denver, Colorado officials posted a video of a marijuana industry check-in meeting they hosted.


Russian officials are reportedly leaning towards rejecting a U.S. prisoner swap offer involving American basketball player Brittney Griner, who pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis vapes, and an arms trafficker, unless it gets more from the deal.

Colombia’s minister of justice said cannabis is going to be an “economic revolution.”

India’s ministry of finance said the government currently has no plans to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

An Irish member of the European Parliament spoke about the formation of a working group on cannabis legalization.

A New South Wales, Australia man is being charged with allegedly murdering his mother by bludgeoning her with a marijuana plant.


A study suggested that “higher frequency of cannabis use is associated with a lower likelihood of sinonasal symptoms.”

A review concluded that CBD “emerges as a possible strategy for treating [autism spectrum disorder] symptoms since it has relevant pharmacological actions on the endocannabinoid system and shows promising results in studies related to disorders in the central nervous system.”


The USA Today editorial board says Congress should pass a marijuana legalization bill recently filed by Senate leaders.

The Washington Examiner editorial board is urging Congress not to legalize marijuana.

The American Psychiatric Association said there is “currently inadequate scientific evidence for endorsing the use of psychedelics to treat any psychiatric disorder except within the context of approved investigational studies.”

The Daily Caller released a documentary that purports to show the harms of marijuana legalization on local California communities.

Elon Musk tweeted a meme about U.S. efforts to free American basketball player Brittney Griner, who pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis vapes in Russia, saying, “Maybe free some people in jail for weed here too?”


Trulieve agreed to pay $279 to each member of a class that brought a lawsuit alleging the company improperly fired or refused to hire them based on a consumer report.

MMJ International Holdings, which hopes to obtain a federal license to grow marijuana for use in research, sent a press release touting the fact that legislation advancing in Congress does not allow scientists to study the dispensary cannabis that consumers are actually using.

A New York court ruled in a case brought by Hudson Health Extracts that regulators’ methodology to score medical cannabis business license applications was “arbitrary and capricious.”


Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa reacted to a man who posted videos of himself on social media with cannabis blunts coming out of his nostrils and ears.

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