For millions of Americans, April 20th is a day for celebration. And we certainly have plenty to celebrate.

In just the past few weeks, we achieved several important victories in the battle for cannabis freedom. Members of the House of Representatives, for only the second time in history, have advanced legislation repealing the federal prohibition of marijuana. At the state level, New Mexico retailers began engaging in adult-use marijuana sales on April 1st, and New Jersey regulators just announced that adult-use sales would begin in the Garden State on April 21st.

But as hundreds of thousands of Americans enjoy their 4/20 by engaging in the state-legal use of cannabis, many more still risk the threat of arrest, prosecution, and incarceration for doing the very same thing.

Take a few minutes out of your 4/20 to send a message to your elected officials calling on them to end our failed and racist prohibition.

In 2020, police made over 350,000 marijuana-related arrests. The year before, police made over one-half million arrests. 

In short, this 4/20, while many of you embrace your cannabis freedom, over 1,000 others will be arrested and handcuffed – victims of geography, systemic racism, and failed, archaic public policies. 

NORML launched the battle for cannabis liberation and it is up to us to finish the fight. With your continued support, we can. And we will.

As you celebrate 4/20, do not forget that there still remains much work to be done. Please make a contribution to NORML today so that we can bring about a day where no Americans face the threat of arrest for the responsible use of marijuana.

Together, we WILL legalize marijuana nationwide.

Have a happy, high, and safe holiday,
The NORML Team

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