Doctors and Marijuana

NORML is pleased to announce that it has updated and revised its publication, Clinical Applications For Cannabis & Cannabinoids: A Review of the Recent Scientific Literature, 2000 — 2021.

This updated edition reviews over 450 peer-reviewed studies assessing the safety and efficacy of either whole-plant cannabis or individual cannabinoids in 23 different patient populations, including autism, chronic pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, migraine, and post-traumatic stress.

Since NORML issued the previous edition of this report in 2017, scientists have published thousands of studies relevant to the medicinal properties of cannabis. This is reflected in NORML’s new report, which highlights nearly 100 newly published studies — making it one of the most up-to-date and comprehensive compendiums on the utility of medical cannabis available.

Despite claims by some that marijuana has yet to be subject to adequate scientific scrutiny, scientific interest in cannabis has increased exponentially in recent years. In 2020, researchers worldwide published a record 3,500+ scientific papers on the subject of cannabis, according to data compiled by the National Library of Medicine and So far this year, scientists have published over 2,600 papers. In all, now cites over 37,000 scientific papers on the topic of cannabis.

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