In the wonderful world of cannabis and CBD, making your brand stand out on a store shelf or online is a very critical component for the success of your products. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis and CBD companies have been sprouting up left and right. In this already “noisy” space, it’s essential to take advantage of any competitive advantage you can get.

One of the best ways to really make your brand and products stand out is the packaging you create for them. This starts with custom printed mylar bags

Here are a few steps to help guide you through this process of getting mylar bags created for your product(s):

Check for federal and state regulations in terms of packaging.

Every state has its own laws and regulations depending on the type of product you are looking to sell. Make sure that you follow all guidelines regarding proper warnings and safety seals. If your products are shipped across state lines, make sure that you are following multi-state regs as well. Making a mistake here can be a massive waste of time as well as money.

Work with a designer to create concepts around your product(s)

If you can work with a designer who has knowledge and experience in product packaging design, do so. Designing your mylar bag is not like designing a business card or flyer. Product requirements must be included on the packaging(i.e., bar codes, QR codes to lab testing reports, etc.), so a designer with product-specific design skills will help you achieve your desired results quicker and more efficiently.

Work with a quality mylar bag provider. 

Look for a mylar bag provider who is experienced and provides samples to review before placing your entire order. Look for reviews online, and don’t be too shy to ask for recommendations from smoke shop owners and dispensaries. BrandMyDispo is a company online that you can look into for custom mylar bags.

Start with a small quantity and iterate

It is always best to start with a smaller order to ensure everything is exactly how you want it before doing your entire run. This allows you to discover typos or make minor design tweaks before the final bags are printed. Don’t be in a rush to do all of the printing at once. It’s best to do small batch runs first to ensure you’ve got the look you want, with no errors.

A/B Test variations of packaging

If you have the option, try to get 2-3 variations of your mylar bags done. This way, you can get opinions from friends, family, and peers to give you their feedback on which one resonates with them most. This will help you decide on the best bag for the end-user.

Pick the best-performing packaging for your full print run.

Now that you have your samples printed, your iterations ironed out, and have people review them, you can now confidently go to full printing. 


By following the tips presented above, your packaging is sure to get your product the looks it deserves. Make sure to take your time during this process and make it fun! 

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