Noah Bass, NORML Summer ’24 Intern

My decision to join NORML is driven by my strong desire to dedicate my career to implementing impactful drug policy reforms, particularly those in the realm of cannabis.

In an era when numerous states are flirting with the notion of marijuana legalization, NORML plays a pivotal role in safeguarding and expanding consumer access. Remarkably, NORML has been and continues to be a reliable source for accurate, unfettered information about cannabis and its effects. The evidence-based approach NORML employs ensures holistic consumer understanding, wholly detached from social stigma. Collaborating with the esteemed advocates and experts at NORML has deepened my comprehension of the political landscape surrounding marijuana and is allowing me to witness NORML’s strategic initiatives firsthand, thus equipping me with a versatile skill set to attack prohibition efforts.

The beginning of my political journey was as a volunteer canvasser for Arizona’s successful Proposition 207 legalization initiative. After its passage, I quickly realized that more work still needed to be done to assist consumers. The fight shifted from legalization to regulation, quality assurance, and ease of access. I began to realize the desperate need for advocates in a post-legalization state, motivating me to pursue marijuana advocacy in the long term.

As an aspiring advocate, I understand the importance of being able to capture, analyze, and landmark significant policy actions as well as crucial developments in the scientific literature. I intend to sharpen these skills with NORML and use them to better advocate for the rights of cannabis consumers. NORML is the first big step in my advocacy journey and I look forward to the opportunities and experiences to come.

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