Cannabis is now legal in most areas in the U.S., including California. That means it’s not only been brought out of the underground world but that its consumption and business practices have also become increasingly regulated in recent years. Cannabis companies are now legitimized and granted their right to operate by many state governments. When looking for a cannabis dispensary in San Jose, CA, you should consider what type of marijuana product you prefer before visiting. There are many different cannabis products for purchase if you take your time and visit a physical dispensary. We want to ensure customers do proper research into what products they would like to consume before committing to a purchase.

For example, suppose you are looking for marijuana that does not contain excessive amounts of the psychoactive substance THC. In this case, you should probably look for a reputable local retail store that sells many types of cannabis for patient-related supplies. Otherwise, if you want cannabis with higher levels of THC content, make sure they also sell premium quality buds!

Look for dispensaries near you.

To buy marijuana legally, you’ll want to find out which cities in the state have dispensaries within city limits. If your local dispensary runs out of a strain that’s your favorite, it might be tough to find another dispensary nearby. So make sure the city you live in has at least one dispensary located relatively close by, so you don’t have to travel for an hour just for some weed. 

Get recommendations from friends and family.

Do you have a friend or family member who has been consuming cannabis for a long time? If so, they might have great insights on the best places to go. Ask them where they buy their cannabis and why they like it so much. Or, if you’re feeling more social, try apps like Weedmaps or Leafly that can connect you with dispensaries in your area. Once you find one that catches your eye, take some time to browse the menu before deciding whether to visit and what kind of products to purchase.

Check the dispensary’s menu and find out what they offer. 

In the past, cannabis was sold in discrete little packages, often resembling something more akin to a drug deal. The products available mainly were brownies and cookies. Dispensaries typically offer edibles, topicals, tinctures, concentrates, oils, vape pens, and dried flower. They also offer many different varieties of cannabis, like ruby slippers strain. There are plenty of options to choose from these days, but it’s important to remember that the patient’s needs come first, so it’s up to you to educate yourself to ensure you’re offering the most suitable selection for your store!

Check cannabis review sites like Leafly and WheresWeed.

You should have an idea about what kind of experience other people have had at the dispensary before visiting yourself. One way would be by reading reviews online, which we recommend doing before visiting any dispensary. Check for customer satisfaction, friendliness of staff, product variety comments, and make sure to omit dispensaries on your list that do not carry quality, lab-tested cannabis products.


Determining the best San Jose dispensary can be strenuous. You may think that you have to go through this challenge alone when it’s easy! Whether looking for your ideal cannabis dispensary or perhaps are hoping to discover one from our unique directory, finding general information that you need is a breeze – so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with looking for a favorite place.

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