Distillate syringes are one of the most popular tools available on the market for cannabis extracts. They are beloved by millions of consumers, and we decided to discover what makes them so special and how you can get a distillate syringe for yourself.

What is a distillate syringe?

A distillate syringe is a very handy product that contains cannabis oil or other types of cannabis extracts that can be applied orally and upon consumption, they release their potent medical and psychotropic effects.

Distillate syringes are very clever little tools that allow everyone to measure how much of the content they would like to consume. This is especially important for people who do not like the strong psychoactive effects of THC and would like to get the medical properties of the CBD in the oil. 

Since many cannabis extracts contain THC which causes psychoactive effects, it is very important to be able to measure the exact amount of the sticky oil to avoid any negative experiences that may include paranoia or anxiety if too much of the product is consumed.

How is the distillate syringe used?

Distillate syringes are very easy to use. They are used like regular syringes where you can push out the resin or oil that is inside of the syringe through the syringe tube and out through the needle that does not have a sharp end.

The syringe is designed in such a way that it protects you from accidentally pushing out the entire content of the tube. 

Some people prefer to dab a small amount of distillate and apply it orally or on a joint. Distillates can be added to vape cartridges to maximize the flavor and aroma.

What are the contents of the distillate syringe?

Distillate syringes may contain a wide variety of cannabis extracts. Beneficial compounds like oils are extracted from a cannabis plant and this process involves removing impurities and leaving high-quality CBD, THC, and terpenes. 

The flowers and other parts of the plant can be pressed with heat and the residue is purified and distilled. This process determines the final outcome of the product in terms of flavor, aroma, taste, color, and texture.

Where can I get a distillate syringe?

At Matrix Extracts, we have all sorts of distillates, and you can check out our online store and choose the perfect mix for you.

If a distillate syringe is not your thing and you love your vape pen more than anything, do not worry! We prepared all sorts of cartridges and vapes that will take your vaping experience to the next level.

We hope you learned something new about distillate syringes and that you are now able to make an informed decision on what to buy next time you visit our store.

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