The multi-state cannabis operator Curaleaf has settled 10 lawsuits over CBD drops it sold in Oregon that contained THC, the Oregonian reports. Employees at the company’s Portland facility had mixed up the company’s THC and CBD Select products which made their way to consumers and prompted a recall by state regulators last September.

Curaleaf, which is based in Massachusetts, agreed to a $50,000 payout for Ayuba Agbonkhese, an Air Force veteran who said he was taken to the emergency room after using the Select CBD tincture. He told the Oregonian that the company has not apologized.

“It was important for me to make sure that the company, as well as other companies like this, become more accountable. I want a safer community. That is my main reason for doing this in this way. … I want them to be better and I want the industry to be better. And I want a safer community.” Agbonkhese to the Oregonian

At least four other people reported they had to go to the emergency room after consuming the products, which they thought contained only CBD. Terms of the other nine agreements were not disclosed while three cases remain unresolved, including a wrongful death lawsuit filed last month.

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) is still investigating Curaleaf for the mix-up. The company said the failure was due to “human error” and that it has changed its manufacturing process to prevent similar problems in the future.

The OLCC estimated that about 630 units of the product were sold beginning June 29, 2021.

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