It never rains in Southern California, so they say, and apparently, it never fails to deliver great weed either. You see, Southern California cities like San Diego, have the right mix of sunshine and happy people. That is a great combination for getting quality weed delivered to you at the drop of a hat.

There once was a time when getting your herb delivered to your doorstep was Not a thing. Can you believe that?! Today, you can open up a website or mobile app and after browsing and a few clicks, you’ll have the weed you deserve brought right to you. The global pandemic made the already budding cannabis delivery services industry take flight to new heights. Rather than going to your local smoke shop or weed dispensary, you could keep yourself and those around you safe by ordering from a San Diego cannabis delivery service. You no longer had to worry about a coworker or fellow parent seeing you and judging you for visiting your local dispensary either.

Why are cannabis delivery services so popular?
There are many reasons why cannabis delivery services are in high demand right now. First and foremost, it’s very convenient for the average consumer. You no longer have to get in your vehicle and drive to your local shop to get your goodies or supplies. You no longer have to fight traffic to get there and you also don’t have to absorb the insanely expensive gas prices that are currently plaguing the world. Another reason why delivery services are doing so well is that you can schedule deliveries when the time is best for you. This takes a lot of the stress and headache out of having to make a run for your weed between work or other obligations.

This leads us to our most recent and relevant reason why cannabis delivery services have blown up as of late. The COVID-19 pandemic made us all realize that we must look out for ourselves and our health. By ordering cannabis through a delivery service, you keep yourself away from possible danger. Social distancing has proven to be a valid way to control the transmission rate of the virus and utilizing delivery services only promotes this further.

What are some tips for ensuring you have a good delivery service?
Some of the best things you can do while vetting a delivery service are to check for reviews online about the company you are looking to hire for your deliveries. A handful of quick search engine queries can do the trick. Also, checking out websites like Weedmaps and Leafly can help you hone down some delivery companies with proven track records.

In terms of service, you want to work with a company that is on-time, friendly, and accurate. We’ve heard stories of weed delivery companies showing up at the wrong house/address, alerting neighbors that their neighbor is a pothead.


It’s no wonder why weed delivery services have blown up all around the world. With soaring gas prices, and people leading busier lives than normal, many people benefit from the sharing/delivering economy. Put some of that valuable time and effort into the personal bank and utilize a quality cannabis delivery service today.

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