Do you find yourself spending more time on your paperwork than actually running your cannabis business? It’s not uncommon for cannabis dispensaries to have a copious amount of administrative duties beyond daily activities. There is no shortage of things that need to be kept track of, from invoices and receipts to ledgers and client information. A mobile app can help streamline the process, ensuring that all-important documentation is in one place. Read on for more benefits!

1. Save time and money by automating your invoicing process

With invoicing apps, so much time and money can be saved, which is always a plus for any cannabis business. Paper invoices are a thing of the past, and digital invoices are typically much faster to create and easier to track. Not only that, but digital invoices save paper which can not only save your business money but can also help save the planet. 

2. Quickly generate professional-looking invoices with just a few taps

Having professional-looking invoices is great for substantiating your business to the eyes of your client or customer. Utilizing a mobile app like Invoice App (iOS and Android) can help you create beautifully clean invoices utilizing a variety of pre-built templates. Choose a template that fits your business needs, enter your information, and boom, you’re ready to rock!

3. Track all of your expenses to stay on top of your finances 

One thing about digital invoices that makes find and organizing expenses or customer payments are that digital versions are searchable. With traditional paper invoices, you would need to look through dozens of physical papers with the hope of finding what it was you needed. 

4. Get paid faster by sending out automatic reminders for overdue payments 

Sending invoices and receiving payments are much more fluid while using a mobile app. Since digital invoices can be delivered as quickly as a few seconds after creation, getting paid is that much faster. Automatic reminders can also help keep you sane, so you’re not constantly bugging the recipient to pay.

Invoicing is an essential aspect of any cannabis business, and small businesses can benefit from having an intuitive and efficient app for generating them. A few reasons to have an invoice generator app are: faster turnaround time between the customer submitting their order and getting paid, more efficient use of staff resources by making it easier on the person who’s doing billing work, minimizing errors that might be made when inputting data manually into software like QuickBooks or Excel (which may then lead to mistakes in payroll calculations), being able to generate custom receipts with branding information about your company which will help build brand awareness. All these benefits make using an invoicing app worthwhile for your cannabis business!  

What products do you use in your business to create professional and efficient digital invoices? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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