Good news: with your help, we’ve won the battle for cannabis legalization in 24 states. However, our journey toward liberating the cannabis plant nationwide is far from over. In places like Texas and Tennessee, cannabis consumers still face arrest and significant jail time. Patients are confined within their state lines, unable to travel with their medicine. Even in some legal states, many lack employment protections and risk losing custody of their children. The ultimate solution? The repeal of federal marijuana prohibition. Yet, our leaders in Congress continue to sideline this critical issue. With the 2024 elections on the horizon, NORML’s ‘Smoke the Vote’ campaign is set to play a crucial role, and we need your involvement.

We want to ensure consumers are informed and motivated to vote for pro-cannabis policies and candidates. Our ‘Smoke the Vote’ campaign has an audacious goal–to raise $25,000 by the end of this year. These funds are vital for us to deliver impactful voter education and advocacy.

Why Your Monthly Donation Matters

Your monthly donation is an investment in sustained cannabis advocacy. Here’s what it accomplishes:

  • Maintain Momentum: Ongoing support is crucial for keeping NORML’s mission alive and active.
  • Enhance Our Campaigns: Regular funding allows us to scale our initiatives for greater impact.
  • Join a Community of Advocates: Your contribution places you among a group dedicated to shaping cannabis policy.

Impact of Your Donation

  • Educational Outreach: We’re crafting informative guides and content to educate voters.
  • Stronger Advocacy: Your support boosts our efforts to advocate for better cannabis laws.
  • Community Engagement: We plan to host engaging events and discussions.
  • Online Presence: A robust digital strategy is key to reaching a wider audience.
  • Media Outreach and Engagement: NORML staff engage in hundreds of media interviews and place dozens of op-eds in major media markets, advocating on behalf of cannabis consumers’ interests and pushing back against prohibitionists’ rhetoric.

Every Donation Makes a Difference

Your contribution, no matter the size, is crucial. Together, we can amplify the voice of the cannabis community in the 2024 elections.

Thank you for joining forces with NORML. Your support is more than just a donation; it’s a commitment to a future where cannabis is rightfully recognized and respected.

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