San Jose, California, is a beautiful place to live. I love the weather and everything about it. You can go to the beach, have a picnic in the park, or have brunch at one of the many cafés in town. To me, summer is not complete without some good old BBQ’ing with friends and family. And because San Jose, CA, is such an awesome city when it comes to having fun outside, we have compiled a list of things that you can do next time you come to visit:

1. Go to Brunch

Brunch is a meal that combines breakfast and lunch. It’s a popular meal in the US, and it’s an excellent way to spend a weekend morning. Brunch also makes for a great celebration of special occasions like holidays, birthdays, or even just enjoying the last days of summer with friends!

2. Picnic in the Park

There’s still time to enjoy the last days of summer. And there’s no better way to do that than by enjoying a picnic in the park.

It doesn’t matter where you live—you probably have access to some sort of park, whether it be city or county land. The best thing about parks is that they often have plenty of activities for visitors and guests, such as playgrounds and nature trails. Of course, these things aren’t very useful if they’re not used properly! Here are some tips on how you can make sure your next trip out into nature doesn’t end up being a disaster:

  • Pick a spot with a nice view – This might seem obvious (and maybe it is), but think about where your picnic will be happening before getting started! If possible, find somewhere with trees nearby so that shade will be present in case it gets too hot during the day. Also, try not go too far away from people; if everyone’s going hiking later on, then maybe don’t pick one spot with no access points nearby (unless there are safety measures in place).
  • Bring food – There’s nothing worse than going all this way only for someone to forget their lunch box at home because he was too busy thinking about something else (or just plain forgetful).

3. Enjoy the Beach

There are several options for enjoying the beach with your friends. First, you can go swimming. Swimming is a great way to relax and get some sun, but it also requires swimming gear such as flippers and goggles. Second, you can play beach volleyball or Frisbee on the sand. These games require special equipment like balls that float in water and fly through the air when they bounce off other objects. Finally, if you have enough people in your group (five or more), then playing football at the beach might be an option!

4. BBQ with Friends

  • Order in – If you don’t feel like cooking or aren’t very good at it, you can always order food and have it delivered to your house. There are lots of websites that let you do this now: Grubhub and Eat24 are two examples. If your friends want to join in on the fun, tell them they can use these sites too!
  • Cook together – If someone else is hosting BBQs regularly (or if they’re willing), consider bringing over some sides or desserts for everyone to share at their next BBQ event! You’ll probably have leftovers from whatever dish/dessert you made—which means even more delicious later on! Recipients will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind giving them something delicious, even though there’s nothing wrong with having leftovers yourself, either 😉
  • Go out instead – If the idea of hosting a BBQ sounds stressful and overwhelming, consider going out instead! It can be difficult to plan everything in advance, especially if you’re busy with work or other commitments. Instead, invite some friends over for a potluck dinner. Everyone brings something delicious to share—and there are no worries about making every dish gluten-free!

5. Get Weed Delivered

In San Jose, CA, you can do any of these summer activities, and you can also get cannabis delivery San Jose. Weed delivery is a service that is available to all residents of the Bay Area and beyond. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the last days of summer while getting high with your friends at home or on the go, look no further than this guide on getting weed delivered today!


We hope that this list has helped you find some fun things to do in San Jose, CA. If you are looking for a new place to explore, or if you are just looking for some fun activities to do with your friends this summer, then the list above should have something that is perfect for you.

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