Are you looking for a new strain to try in the season when everything is cold and you need some warmth in your life? Well, the King Louie strain can be just the thing you should try. Here’s why it should be on your must-try list of terpenes.

Is It Potent?

Yes, this Indica strain is known for its high levels of potency. It is certainly not something that is meant for the faint of heart! Also, if you are a first-time user of terpenes and dried herbs and flowers, perhaps you should start with something else. But for the average experienced user, this can be just the thing to get the kick in the head you need!

It is an Indica strain, which means that you will find all the Indica effects with this one. Buy terpenes of this strain and expect a calm and relaxing potent shot. Even among experienced users, this is one terpene that is known for its strength.

Relax and Chill

For people who have been looking for a strong strain that will help them relax, this is certainly going to make them happy. Use it at the end of a long day, and you will instantly feel a sense of calm descending on you. This is followed by a deep sense of relaxation where your body feels light and relaxed. Some people also use it for pain relief.

What is good about this strain is that it helps you chill with friends as you enjoy time with each other. The feeling of calmness starts from the head and then spread out to the limbs and you gradually fall into a nap if you want.

What are the Flavors of King Louie Strain?

All sorts of woodiness are what you will experience when you buy terpenes of this strain. You will smell pine and earthiness in it and a general sense of the forest. A beautiful naturally-inclined scent is what you get overall which is going to go a long way towards making you feel relaxed. A sense of the earth will pervade your senses.

While the strain may have gotten its name from the famous King Louie, the cartoon character in the animated movie ‘The Jungle Book’, there is nothing cartoonish about it. Try it from a reputed manufacturer and seller who pays attention to product quality and you will have got yourself a fun product to be used anytime you are feeling tired.


How does King Louie make you feel?

King Louis XIII’s effects are strong, leaving users nostalgic with its unmistakable OG characteristics. This strain provides users with a deep sense of relaxation, lulling them to sleep with pleasant pressure behind the eyes.

What does indica do to you?

Indica strains have traditionally been associated with a more relaxing body high. They’re frequently recommended to people looking for strains to help with pain, insomnia, nausea, or a lack of appetite. While many Indica strains may produce these effects, strains are not a precise science.

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