At NORML we stand for freedom, not just today, but every day. Despite all our progress, hundreds of thousands of Americans are still put in handcuffs for marijuana every year. But, together we can – and we must – unite to bring cannabis justice to each and every state in the nation.

Before you head to today’s barbecue, community event, or rally, whether today’s a day of work, reflection, or celebration, please take a moment to stand with us in our fight to let freedom ring.

Take Action for Marijuana Law Reform

Head to NORML’s Action Center and with just a few clicks you’ll be sending a message to your representatives in support of marijuana law reform.

Rick Steves

NORML Board Chair, Rick Steves, is matching all donations up to $100,000—so your donation to NORML will have double the impact in our fight to take the crime out of the marijuana equation. And, if you donate $100 or more to this campaign, Rick will also personally send you a copy of his new book: On the Hippie Trail!

Shop the NORML Store

Show your support for NORML when you shop to legalize it! Shirts, stickers, mugs, buttons, books and more are ready to ship from the NORML Store.

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