In a world where cannabis culture is rapidly evolving, classic strains continue to offer a timeless experience. For those residing in the UK or anywhere else, these iconic strains provide a glimpse into the rich history and diverse genetics of cannabis. As the interest in UK weed strains amplifies, Sativa strains, known for their uplifting and energetic effects, are gaining traction. Here’s a list of five classic sativa strains worth exploring in 2023.


Originating from the sunny fields of California, Tangie has carved a niche for itself in the cannabis community. With its strong orange citrus notes, Tangie provides energy, making it a perfect companion for creative endeavours. This strain is not just a favourite in the US but has also found its way into the heart of many cannabis connoisseurs in the UK. Its versatile and approachable effects make it a reliable choice for novices and seasoned users. Additionally, Tangie’s influence extends beyond its strain, as its robust genetics have contributed to the development of numerous other vibrant cannabis strains, showcasing the enduring legacy of this classic sativa.

Sour Diesel

An old-school blockbuster, Sour Diesel continues to stay relevant in the evolving cannabis landscape. Known for its uplifting effects and distinctive fuel-like aroma, this strain provides a cerebral high that ignites creativity and conversation. Sour Diesel is a fine representation of classic Sativa strains, showcasing robust genetics that have paved the way for many modern-day hybrids. Its popularity transcends borders, making it one of the sought-after cannabis strains UK enthusiasts prefer. The sustained popularity of Sour Diesel is a testament to its quality, providing a tried-and-true cannabis experience that many users find refreshing and inspiring.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze hails from the lush regions of Europe, bringing along a light, lemony, and grassy aroma that’s truly invigorating. Its energetic effects make it a staple in sativa menus across dispensaries. As UK weed strains continue to diversify, Super Lemon Haze holds its ground, offering a classic sativa experience that’s hard to replicate. It’s a strain that not only excites the olfactory senses but also provides a robust, energetic high ideal for active days and social gatherings. The zestful aromas and flavours of Super Lemon Haze are synonymous with the refreshing essence of sativa strains, making it a timeless choice for those seeking a refreshing cannabis experience.

Jack Herer

Named after a legendary cannabis activist, Jack Herer is more than just a strain; it’s a tribute to the cannabis community. Known for its candy-like sweetness and vivid, energetic effects, Jack Herer has been a favourite among sativa enthusiasts for decades. Its classic appeal lies in its consistent effects and the rich history associated with its name. As the interest in sativa strains grows in the UK, Jack Herer remains a strain that stands the test of time. Moreover, the rich narrative surrounding Jack Herer adds depth to its appeal, encouraging a broader appreciation for cannabis activism and the ongoing efforts to foster a positive cannabis culture.

Durban (Durban Poison)

With roots tracing back to the vibrant city of Durban in South Africa, Durban Poison, commonly called Durban, offers a sweet profile rich in terpinolene. It’s a strain that encapsulates the essence of classic sativa strains, providing a high that’s both energetic and uplifting. Durban is a testament to the global appeal of sativa strains, resonating with the preferences of cannabis enthusiasts both in the UK and beyond. Its notable presence in various parts of the world exemplifies the universal appeal of well-cultivated sativa strains, presenting an enticing option for those eager to explore the energetic and uplifting effects associated with this variety of cannabis.

The diversity and rich history embedded in these classic sativa strains provide a unique cannabis experience. As 2023 unfolds, exploring these iconic strains can offer a nostalgic journey through the evolving narrative of cannabis. Whether you are new to the cannabis scene or a seasoned enthusiast, these five classic Sativa strains are a gateway to understanding the broader spectrum of cannabis genetics and the enduring appeal of Sativa strains in the global cannabis culture.

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