As the calendar marches into late December, most of us focus on spending time with our friends and family to celebrate each other and reflect on the passing year. However, it is also a time we look ahead and think about our aspirations for the future. If you support ending marijuana prohibition, there is much to feel good about on both fronts.

In 2022:

  • Rhode Island, Missouri, and Maryland legalized marijuana for adults.

  • The White House announced presidential pardons for federal marijuana offenses, deemed our war on cannabis a “failure,” and began discussing federal scheduling.

  • Over one hundred thousand individuals had their state-level records expunged.

  • We passed dozens of pieces of state legislation addressing topics from legalization to workplace drug testing to medical marijuana access.

  • And much more (stay tuned for our Top 10 marijuana stories of the year next week).

Want to make 2023 even better than 2022 was? Chip in to fund our 2023 initiatives today!

It was a year that demonstrated our fight to end prohibition is alive and well, with more momentum than ever before. But we can’t rest on our laurels because 2023 will be one of our busiest years yet. Several states, such as Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, have the potential to pass legalization early in the year through legislation. In addition, on March 7th, Oklahoma voters will decide whether or not to legalize marijuana in a special election. Cannabis consumers must also keep the pressure on federally, building new alliances with incoming politicians, growing the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, and finding common ground on pro-reform policies that we can pass through Congress.

To make our goal of spreading rational marijuana policy a reality, we must have the resources and plan to succeed. So, while many of us check out of politics this time of year to celebrate, it is critical for NORML to set its agenda and budgets for the new year. To win in 2023, we need to prepare now. The holiday season is typically a slow time for engagement and donations, but we know NORML nation is relentless in its pursuit of marijuana justice.

Can you donate today to help us win in 2023?

We ask a lot of you, whether it is writing or calling your lawmakers, educating your friends and family, or showing up at chapter meetings and state lobby days. Still, you always have our back, and it is thanks to all of you that any of our progress has been possible. So, as we build our war chest for the upcoming year, can we count on you to pitch in one more time in 2022 to set our movement up for more victories over reefer madness and the special interests that want to keep cannabis illegal?

Thanks for all you do,

The NORML Team

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