The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) last week recalled Cura CS, LLC’s Select brand tincture products after the company mixed up its line of THC and CBD products. The commission issued an initial recall for some of the company’s products on September 21 after consumer reports of the CBD products getting them high.

The subsequent recall was for THC tincture which actually contained the Select brand’s CBD formulation, the OLCC said.

“After our preliminary investigation, we believe this mistake occurred due to unintentional human error,” Curaleaf, the parent company of Cura, said in a statement to the Oregonian.

The September 24 recall includes Select Tincture 30 milliliter THC Drops (1,000mg unflavored) which are only available for sale at OLCC licensed retailers. The OLCC said it conducted preliminary tests of the product and found that it contained no detectable THC.

The OLCC estimates about 630 units were sold beginning June 29, 2021, and about 130 units are still on the shelves of OLCC retailers.

Individuals who purchased the affected CBD products, reported “paranoia,” “mind fog,” and feeling “extremely high,” the commission said.

Mark Pettinger, spokesman for the OLCC cannabis program, told the Oregonian that he couldn’t “think of anything similar to this happening in the past.”

The product mix-up was reported to the OLCC by a customer from Idaho that had purchased, what they believed to be CBD products, in Oregon.

Last year, Cura was hit with a record $110,000 fine for “dishonest conduct” for falsely claiming that a line of Select vapes contained 100% cannabis.

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