Everyone should be accountable, but it’s weird how you jump to accuse the Palestinians.

whether they fit the ICC’s current definitions or not.

That isn’t how the ICC works

firing rockets from civilian areas

This is an issue, but I think people don’t realize the details. Palestinians have a right to defend themselves from occupation under international law. The militant groups are in a difficult position though.

First, Gaza is packed. If I remember correctly it was one of the densest population areas in the world, and Palestinians can’t leave the place. Second, Israel superior military wouldn’t make non guerrilla warfare viable.

pension payouts for perpetrators of violence and their families

That is not true. It provides economic security to the families of those killed or imprisoned under the occupation. To me it parallels the pension payouts Israel pays to its soldiers, except Israelis are the occupying power.

gross abuses of power and official funds

This isn’t related. It’s like asking the ICC to intervene in Netanyahu corruption. Although I agree corruption is an issue in the PA.

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