With multiple states and cities across the nation deciding upon adult-use legalization this fall , NORML is redoubling our efforts to inform, educate, and get voters to the ballot box. In many states voter registration deadlines are approaching and early voting is on the horizon. It is imperative that each of you have the tools to be an active and informed voter. 

What To Do: 

  • We’ve made it easy to check your voter registration, update your voter information, and even register to vote
  • Once you have ensured you are registered to vote, you can find out when early voting is happening and polling locations near you. 
  • Before you vote, visit NORML’s Smoke the Vote voter guide and enter your address to see the candidates and to learn their public positions on marijuana policy. 
  • You can also visit NORML Election Central to keep tabs on all state and local cannabis policy reform measures taking place across the country. 
  • The coming weeks will be critical in advancing our fight to end prohibition nationwide. NORML is gearing up to bring home some big wins this November and we need all hands on deck. Chip in to NORML’s 2022 Victory Fund to help make this year a truly historic one for marijuana law reform.

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