This post is unlike any I have made before. For once, I’m not asking you to contact your lawmakers to take federal action. I’m not even asking you to contact your own state lawmakers.

This is about what you can do right now to advance marijuana policy reform efforts in New York and New Mexico, as lawmakers in both states are anticipated to move forward this week with adult-use legalization.

In New Mexico, the Governor has commenced a special legislative committee to place legislation on her desk in the coming days. In New York, leaders are expected to rapidly move forthcoming legislation to allow adults to possess, buy, and home-cultivate marijuana.

It doesn’t get any more important than this. In fact, the successful passage of legalization in New York alone would represent a massive shift at both the state and federal levels. Right now, six percent of US House members represent New York State, and seven percent of all Congressional House Committee and Subcommittee Chairs are from New York. Ending marijuana prohibition in the Empire State will turn a lot of those lawmakers into strong allies.

So here is our ask to you: Send our action alerts to your friends, family, old schoolmates, casual acquaintances, that person you met once, or ANYONE else you know who lives in one of those two states and urge them to contact their lawmakers right now!

New York:

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New Mexico

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If both of these states pass legislation this week, it could be the game-changer we need to move federal legislation repealing cannabis prohibition over the finish line.

I’d bet a dollar that you know more than one person in New York or New Mexico. And I’m sure they would appreciate the fact that you want them to live in a state that promotes cannabis justice. NORML has made it quick and easy to ensure that your friends, family, and even just those casual acquaintances can take action.

So, let’s help our friends in New York and New Mexico achieve legal cannabis in the coming days, and let’s help this nation move forward beyond prohibition.

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