California marijuana laws

California voters will decide next week on whether to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The September 14, 2021, California Gubernatorial Recall Election ballot will ask voters if they wish to remove the governor from office. If a majority of voters decide ‘yes’ on the question, the replacement candidate with the most votes will be declared elected for the remainder of Governor Newsom’s term of office (ending January 2, 2023). If one-half or more of the votes on the recall question are “no,” Governor Newsom shall remain in office.

California NORML is urging voters to decide ‘no’ on the recall question, opining, “It’s unlikely that any possible replacement candidate will be as favorably attentive to cannabis policy as Governor Newsom.”

The group further states in an action alert:

“The sponsors of this year’s recall election are no friends of marijuana or criminal justice reform. Whatever else might be said about Gavin Newsom, no governor has been so supportive of legal marijuana.

“When other politicians were ducking the issue, then-Lieutenant Governor Newsom became the highest-ranking state official to endorse legal adult use and established a task force to help guide the way. Since becoming governor, Newsom has appointed capable, helpful officials who have been accessible to cannabis advocates. The Newsom administration has advanced measures to expand on-site consumption and licensed cannabis events; promote equity applicants; afford business tax deductions; allow billboard advertising; and improve and streamline the state’s burdensome regulatory system.

“To be sure, Newsom hasn’t been perfect. He has been criticized for not pushing hard enough to reduce burdensome taxes and regulations, and for being a stickler for anti-smoking rules that wrongly treat cannabis like tobacco. But his hands have also been tied by the legislature, federal laws, and California’s overly restrictive Prop. 64 initiative.

“Above all, Newsom deserves credit for declaring cannabis to be an essential service during the COVID crisis, a move mocked by critics and recall proponents. He also approved emergency rules to allow drive-through and curbside pick-ups of cannabis, to extend the expiration date for medical IDs and recommendations, and to allow for donations of cannabis to needy patients by cannabis businesses.”

Recent polling finds that an estimated 53 percent of Californians favor keeping Gavin Newsom as governor. If he is recalled, conservative radio host Larry Elder is the candidate most likely to replace him

California NORML’s action alert is online here.

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