12/06/2019 Miami, FloridaImbucanna announced today the launch of the world’s first 75% concentrated directly compressible CBD. CBDC-75 effectively allows even the smallest of manufacturers to quickly formulate all sorts of CBD oral solid dosage (OSD) forms in one easy step, and with elementary formulation knowledge. The patent-pending granulates are a massive leap forward in CBD oral delivery technology, and alleviates the lack of content uniformity, use of solvents, production costs, and advanced formulation expertise needed to formulate regular tablets, chewables, ODTs, and other oral solid dosage forms of CBD.

“The introductory 75% directly compressible CBD powder can be easily dry mixed with the customer’s preferred filler-matrix, and compressed into strong orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), chewables, mints, regular tablets, effervescent tablets, and other OSD forms of CBD with never before seen speed, ease, and low cost,” said Leo Mendez, Imbucanna’s Founder and CEO. “Our CBDC-75 is the first in a series of directly compressible cannabinoid intermediates created to take the guesswork out of formulating a portfolio of hemp-derived oral solid dosage forms.”

About Imbucanna:
Imbucanna is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing, producing, and marketing highly concentrated, hemp-derived intermediates for direct compression. The company provides over 30 different base CBD oral dose formulations for free on imbucanna.com.

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Leo Mendez, CEO

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