There are a ton of options out there when it comes to bongs and bowls but you really want to pay attention to what your piece is made out of before you spend your hard-earned money on it.


For one, certain materials, such as plastic and the like, actually don’t last as long as others like glass or crystal. Plus, they may not be as easy to clean which, if you know anything about bowls or bongs, is a pretty crucial maintenance process that you have to keep up. Usually, when you buy a piece made out of plastic, you end up replacing it due to weathering, cracking, or plastic sealing coming loose. Plus, who wants to smoke out of a plastic bong? For bowls, there are a lot of options as well, one popular one being a metal bowl. These not only get really hot – to the point they can burn your fingers or your lips – but also they can be tough to clean.

That’s why you should aim for a bowl or bong made out of crystal or glass. We’ve identified five specific benefits of crystal and glass bowls and bongs that we think you should keep in mind when making your purchase decision for your next medical marijuana piece.


Crystal and glass bowls last longer because their material is stronger but is also capable of adapting to rapidly changing temperatures. Glass is forged after molten sand is formed into a bowl while crystal comes straight from Mother Nature herself.


Whether it is the occasional drop or ding, crystal and glass maintain their structure without a compromise in performance. They’re also relatively lightweight and easy to hold and use. Metal and other materials can tend to feel bulky and heavy but even the most complex glass bong or large crystal bowl is easier to hold in comparison.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning glass is as easy as it can be. You simply use an astringent, such as rubbing alcohol, a light abrasion of the surface, and thorough rinsing with water and you end up with a piece that is as good as new. Crystal pieces, meanwhile, tend to come with titanium components that are also easy to clean as well as replace if needed.


When you consider how many times you might need to replace a cheaper piece, the prices of glass and crystal bowls and bongs make sense. You won’t be replacing them as often and, with proper care, they truly last for a lifetime. Glass bongs are considered works of art by some people and the quality of their construction is pretty much unmatched by similar pieces.

Cleaner Hit

Whether you want some of that crystal energy or you simply like a piece that you can easily clean and get a pure hit, time after time, crystal and glass pieces are really the best options available right now on the market.

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