Gloria-Jean Cutsforth
Gloria-Jean Cutsforth, NORML Fall ’23 & Spring ’24 Intern

Why were you motivated to apply to intern with NORML?

I initially found NORML while searching for internship opportunities involving marijuana policy. 

I have seen how legalization has helped people and how criminalization has hurt many. My goal is to work toward achieving federal marijuana policies that protect and empower consumers and that repair and combat the historical harms faced by marginalized communities. While learning more about NORML, it was clear that my values and goals aligned with those of the organization. I knew that an internship with NORML was exactly what I was looking for. An opportunity to learn about marijuana, legislation, and policy and to apply this knowledge toward actions that can make a significant impact on the future of marijuana policy. 

What did your day-to-day routine look like?

My first task of the day was always to check for updates on the legislation that we were tracking. I would then tend to emails regarding how people can get involved with NORML and assist activists with creating chapters in their areas. Other occasional tasks would include attending virtual hearings and researching political candidates regarding their history and views of marijuana policy. I also attended our weekly intern meetings to discuss current and new projects.

Did the internship meet and/or exceed your expectations? How has it impacted your next steps?

This internship exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting such a well-rounded and hands-on experience. I was so happy with the internship that I did it twice! It has been so inspiring and educational to be involved with policy in this way. I am grateful for this opportunity and the generosity of NORML supporters for helping to provide this experience to me and many others. I recommend this internship to anyone who has an interest in the law, marijuana, and social justice. I urge people to support NORML as it is crucial to give opportunities like this for students to become future leaders.

Upon completing my internship, I am excited to strengthen my research experience with the Cannabis Policy Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

If you could give any advice to new NORML interns, what would you say?

The advice I would give to new NORML interns would be to not be afraid to be curious and ask questions. Everyone at NORML has been understanding and available to help with anything I needed assistance with. It is not expected of you to know everything, but you will certainly expand your knowledge and increase your confidence in the subject matter through this internship. 

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