The K.Haring Angel Catchall and Eyce Spoon are two products made for smokers who want to enjoy their experience to the fullest. Both of these products are designed to make smoking easier and more enjoyable. The K.Haring Angel Catchall is a unique catchall that is great for storing your smoking essentials. The Eyce Spoon is a perfect companion to the K.Haring Angel Catchall because it is an indestructible spoon pipe that can stand up to any smoking situation. Together, they are a match made in smoking heaven!

The K.Haring Angel catchall

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional catchall for all your smoking accessories, look no further than the K.Haring Angel catchall. Designed by the legendary artist Keith Haring, this catchall is perfect for holding everything from lighters and rolling papers to pipes and vaporizers. It features Haring’s iconic Angel design in bright, bold colors, making it a statement piece for any smoking setup. And with its durable and easy-to-clean silicone construction, it’s also practical and long-lasting. Plus, if you’re in the market for a new vaporizer to go with your catchall, check out for a wide selection of high-quality devices.

The Eyce spoon

The Eyce spoon is a revolutionary smoking device that combines the durability of silicone with the purity of glass. Made from medical-grade silicone and borosilicate glass, this spoon is virtually unbreakable and delivers an exceptionally smooth smoking experience.

What sets the Eyce spoon apart is its unique design. The silicone body of the spoon is textured to provide a non-slip grip and the borosilicate glass bowl is detachable, making it easy to clean. This spoon also features a built-in carb cap and comes with a stainless steel poker for easy packing and cleaning.

At, you can find a wide range of Eyce spoon products, including different colors and sizes. Whether you prefer a small and discreet spoon or a larger one for group sessions, Eyce has you covered.

One of the best things about the Eyce spoon is its versatility. It’s great for smoking flower, but it can also be used with concentrates thanks to the included carb cap. Plus, its silicone body makes it travel-friendly and easy to stash away discreetly.

Overall, the Eyce spoon is a game-changer in the smoking world. Its combination of silicone and glass delivers a smooth and clean hit every time, while its durability ensures that it will last you for years to come. Check out to get your hands on this amazing smoking device today.

Why they’re a perfect match

When it comes to smoking accessories, finding the right combination of products can make all the difference. That’s why we’re excited to share with you the perfect match for your smoking routine – the K.Haring Angel Catchall and Eyce Spoon.

Firstly, the K.Haring Angel Catchall is the ultimate smoking accessory. Made with a luxurious porcelain material, it’s designed to keep all your smoking essentials in one place. Whether you’re grinding up your herb, rolling a joint, or packing your bowl, the catchall has enough space for all your smoking needs. It even comes with a convenient spout for easy pouring.

Secondly, the Eyce Spoon is a must-have for any smoker. Made with high-quality silicone material, it’s virtually indestructible and designed to last for years. The spoon features a built-in poker and a unique swirl pattern that makes it stand out from other pipes on the market. It’s also easy to clean, so you can use it over and over again without any hassle.

But why are these two products a perfect match? Well, it’s all about convenience and functionality. The K.Haring Angel Catchall provides a dedicated space for your smoking essentials, making it easy to keep everything organized and within reach. And the Eyce Spoon is the perfect smoking accessory to go with it. Thanks to its durable silicone material, it can withstand being stored alongside your other smoking accessories without the risk of breakage. Plus, its unique swirl pattern matches the elegance and style of the K.Haring Angel Catchall, making for a cohesive and beautiful display.

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