Leading medical cannabis educational outlet Project CBD has announced the launch of their new website and brand system, which were developed over the past year in partnership with Blue Dream, the in-house creative agency at Ganjapreneur.

Project CBD was established in 2010 as a resource for patients, doctors, and cannabis growers to learn about medical research into the health benefits of CBD, THC, and other compounds found in cannabis, as well as other forms of plant medicine. Created before the medicinal applications of CBD were widely known, Project CBD helped initiate the movement to produce high-CBD cultivars by educating growers and breeders about the unique medicinal properties of cannabidiol and encouraging them to produce cannabis products that catered toward patients with severe health conditions.

The new Project CBD website is designed to make their educational content more accessible and discoverable, and also includes an updated marketplace for ethical CBD brands to showcase their products.

Brand identity development

Noel Abbott, CEO of Ganjapreneur and strategic advisor for Blue Dream, explained how Project CBD’s new visual identity aims to highlight the multifaceted nature of its mission.

“For many cannabis and CBD companies exploring a rebrand or brand update, we might steer them away from using a fan leaf as their primary symbol due to how common it is,” he said. “In Project CBD’s case, they are indisputably one of the most well-established voices in cannabis education in the world, so we felt they could truly own it. But the logo is more than a leaf – it also represents a flower and a molecule – highlighting that they are not only focused on CBD, but also other plant medicines as well as the scientific research that proves how these medicines can help people.”

In addition to the new logo, Blue Dream helped Project CBD create an array of graphic templates and supporting materials to drive engagement on social media, via their email newsletter, and through other communication channels.

“Blue Dream has been a fantastic partner with much-needed expertise in these areas,” says Project CBD director Martin A. Lee. “We hope to build upon this partnership as we expand our reporting on cannabis science, plant medicine, psychedelics, regenerative farming, and the social dimensions of health and drug policy.”

Website migration and optimization

As part of the collaboration, the Project CBD website was migrated to WordPress from Drupal, along with a large body of articles that had been translated into Japanese and Spanish to help spread knowledge about plant medicine globally.

One of the primary goals of the redesigned website was to increase search engine traffic, as Project CBD previously ranked in the top Google results for keywords such as “What is CBD,” “CBD dosage guidelines,” and other high-traffic search phrases. For years, Project CBD was the de facto authority on the web for these topics in Google. After the 2018 Farm Bill which effectively legalized hemp in the US, Project CBD saw a rapid acceleration of commercial content about CBD on the internet – much of which was misleading and incorrect – and this content wound up getting ranked higher by Google over time.

Noel Abbott of Ganjapreneur noted, “I’d like to see the authentic educational voices in our space stand out above the commercially-focused content Google tends to favor, and we’re looking forward to helping Project CBD reclaim and maintain their rightful place in search results.”

Opportunities for ethical CBD brands

The new Project CBD website also includes redesigned profiles for the brands who have supported their efforts, as well as opportunities for retailers and non-CBD brands to have a presence on the website. Cody Stevenson, who oversees business development for both Ganjapreneur and Blue Dream, said, “Finishing the website and brand system for Project CBD was the first part of our collaboration. Going forward, CBD and cannabis brands can look forward to unique cross-platform opportunities between Ganjapreneur and Project CBD, allowing you to leverage two authoritative platforms to help improve customer loyalty and SEO while also engaging new customers.”

Project CBD’s new website and visual identity can be found at https://projectcbd.org.

For more information about Blue Dream, visit https://bluedream.com.


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