oHHo, a leading provider of high-quality hemp products, is offering a Community Program designed to foster sustainable affiliate partnerships and promote its mission of sharing premium CBD products with the world. This initiative offers affiliates an opportunity to earn commissions while contributing to expanding the brand’s reach.

Key highlights of the oHHo Community Program include:

  1. Generous Commissions:
    • Affiliates can earn a 25% commission on every sale generated through their unique affiliate link.
    • An additional 10% commission is provided on purchases and sales made by those who join the community through affiliate referrals.
    • Affiliates can also earn a 10% commission on wholesale accounts.
  2. Monthly Cash Bonus Opportunities
  3. Personal 25% discount on personal purchases
  4. Additional Perks:
    • Affiliates have the opportunity to earn free products, exciting trips, oHHo merchandise, and more.
  5. Comprehensive Support:
    • Dedicated support is readily available to provide affiliates with the resources and assistance they need to succeed.
  6. Marketing Materials:
    • Affiliates gain access to a library of professionally designed social media assets and educational materials.
  7. Education Program

Joining the oHHo Affiliate Program is a simple process: affiliates can sign up as a Community Connector for $49 and immediately receive their unique URL. They will also gain access to the community platform, which offers a range of tools, resources, and a comprehensive educational program. For those looking to build a team and explore additional earning opportunities, signing up as a Community Builder for $79 is also an option. There are no recurring monthly fees or requirements for participation, making it accessible to all.

oHHo’s mission is centered on sharing exceptional products that positively impact lives. The company achieves this by crafting the cleanest, most sustainable, and high-potency CBD and hemp products available in the market. Every oHHo product is carefully formulated with minimal additional ingredients, ensuring each one delivers its unique benefits while complementing the power of cannabis extracts.

oHHo proudly collaborates with small farms, cultivating areas ranging from 1 to 40 acres, to harness the full spectrum of beneficial compounds found within natural cannabis plants. Rigorous third-party analysis of crude extracts and finished products is conducted to assess potency and purity. Each oHHo product comes with a QR code for transparency, linking customers to a detailed COA (certificate of analysis, a report prepared by the labs who test the product).

As part of its commitment to sustainability, oHHo utilizes sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable materials in its packaging. The brand actively seeks biodegradable and compostable alternatives to plastic wherever feasible. oHHo is also a cruelty-free brand, holding Leaping Bunny Certification, as well as a supporter of independent science journalism and medical research via Project CBD.

To explore oHHo’s full product line and learn more about the Community Program, please visit their website.

For inquiries about oHHo’s Community Program and further information about the brand, please contact:

Jill Kay, Email: jillkay.ohho@gmail.com, Instagram: @Jill.ohHo

About oHHo: oHHo is a trusted provider of premium CBD products that prioritize quality, sustainability, and effectiveness. With a mission to share life-enhancing products, oHHo prides itself on crafting clean and potent CBD solutions sourced from small farms. The brand places a strong emphasis on transparency, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices to create a positive impact on individuals and the planet.

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