There’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the cheer in people. And for some, that cheer comes from cannabis. Whether you’re buying gifts for your favorite stoner or just looking for something special to splurge on yourself, there are plenty of unique cannabis-themed items available this year. No matter if you’re into Fine Marijuana & Cannabis Art or simple weed accessories, we’re sure you’ll find something on our list to please even the most astute cannabis connoisseur.

In this article, we’ll explore our favorite options and help you narrow down which ones will make the best gifts:

Cannabis Cookbook

Cannabis cookbooks are a great gift for cannabis lovers who want to expand their horizons beyond smoking and vaping. There are plenty of healthy meals you can make using cannabis as an ingredient, such as salads and smoothies. If you want something more creative, there are also recipes for cannabis edibles (like cookies), tinctures (a liquid extract that can be used to infuse foods or drinks), and topicals (a topical ointment or cream). This is a great way to give your loved one a new way of consuming their favorite herb!

A cookbook is super practical and also a bit unconventional so consider gifting this to someone who is already a chef at heart. I’m sure their heart and tastebuds will thank you!

Portable vaporizers

Vapes are a great gift for any cannabis enthusiast. There are a variety of different types of vapes available on the market, each with their own pros and cons. Some vapes are portable, easy to use, and discreet; others have higher-quality materials that make them more durable over time.

Regardless of which one you choose, vapes are a great option for those who don’t like smoking or may not be able to smoke traditionally due to their health conditions or location (e.g., they live in an apartment building). As an added bonus, include a Litboxs Dugout for storing cannabis easily and discreetly.

Dry herb blender/grinder

If you like smoking your weed out of a bong, then you’re going to need something to grind it up. Grinders are generally split into two categories: manual and electric. Manual grinders are cheaper, but require human effort to twist the blades together and tear apart what’s in there. Electric ones have motors that turn the blades for you (so all you have to do is press down on the top).

Electric grinders do cost more than their manual counterparts, but they also come with some additional features like speed settings and lights that illuminate what’s inside so that you don’t end up over-grinding one type of bud while leaving another barely broken down. There are also some models with built-in storage compartments where that’ll keep your ground weed separate from other dry goods stored within it—like maybe some loose sugar or salt crystals. Just think about how convenient it will be when everyone else at dinner wants everything on their plate sprinkled with something sweet!

Bong cleaning kit

If you’re looking for a gift that will help your friend or family member enjoy their weed longer, then look no further than a bong cleaning kit. If you smoke from a bong, you know it is inevitable that you will have to give it a good cleaning at some point after a few uses. Cleaning a bong can be quite difficult if you don’t have the right tools to do so. So why not gift your favorite person with a kit that can help them make this job a snap!

Bongs are a great way to smoke cannabis as they filter the smoke through water, which makes it easier on your lungs and can also make it feel like you have more smoke in your lungs at once. This is called “the sensation of an inhale” (or “the high”), even though it isn’t actually any higher than smoking without a bong—it just feels like there’s more smoke flowing into your body! Many people love using bongs just for this reason.


There are a lot of great options to gift someone who is a cannabis enthusiast. You can get them something personal that they will cherish for years to come or just treat yourself with something new and exciting. Holiday shopping can definitely be stressful but hopefully, with the help of this list, you will have no problem taking care of the weed lover in your life. Let us know what you think about these gifts in the comments below!

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